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Desert Night Stands - Set of 2

Desert Night Stands - Set of 2

SKU: FNS-2024

Limba wood, also called African walnut, is full of character. Some parts of it are very busy while others are very quiet. The change in grain has the same vibrant yet calming feeling that desert dunes bring out. As there are no two identical patterns in the wood grain, there are no two stands exactly alike. The wood needs to be carefully selected to achieve this harmonious and soothing ensemble.



Waterfall design for coetaneous grain from sides to top

2 push-to-open dove tailed drawers


Dog for scale not for sale


Price for one:

7 000 nis

Price for a set :

12 000 nis

This item is made to order. Please send us a message to put in a request.

Solid limba wood

Wax Oil Finishe