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Comprehensive Rye Straw Marquetry
Workshop & Course

Looking for something different? Something you didn’t even know existed? Come discover the old art of straw marquetry, the poor man’s gold!

Introduction to Straw Marquetry, the only workshop of its kind in Israel !​

Photo Credit: Shay Vazdias

Traditional Veneering 10 Session Class

Wood parquetry is a traditional furniture ornamentation technique, used on it's on or along with marquetry, to embellish pieces of furniture. Many exemples of it can be found in the works of 18th Century  French ébénistes such Jean-François Oeben and his famous bottomless cubes 

Furniture Restoration, Repair & Upcycling
Open Studio

You have a piece of furniture you love and would like to repair?

A family heirloom you would like to restore?

Why not do it yourself? You Can!

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