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The beings behind L’Atelier


Judith Nusimovici

Designer, Maker & Restorer

Born and trained in France, Judith moved to Israel in 2017. Nothing really foretold she would become a fine furniture maker. She grew up in a very stimulating family but not a very handy one. Yet somehow, woodworking and furniture building, kept calling out to her. It all made sense, when after finishing her studies in ébénisterie, she discovered that her great-grandfather was of the trade. She loves that, in addition to using more contemporary technics, she also uses the same tools and goes through the same processes, considerations and gestures as he did over a century ago. She is a proud artisan humbled by the talent of her teachers and the legacy of centuries of skilled craftsmen. As much as the esthetic of her builds are important to her so is their functionality. It is the purpose of the object that triggers her creativity. Whether it is building what other people need or imagine, or letting her creativity run free, she puts her heart and soul into everything she builds.

Influences & Styles: Classic looks with modern upgrades

- French Art Déco

- Scandinavian Mid-Century

- A mix of both: ornamented minimalistic 



-CAP ébénisterie (trained at the École Boulle—Paris, France)

-Bac pro ébénisterie (trained at L’ESEA — Avignon, France)

-10-month program in fine furniture restoration in Chartres.

Apprenticeship with:

- Fine Wood Conservation (New York, USA)

Serge Chaillou, named France’s best fine furniture restorer (Meilleur ouvrier de France en restauration et conservation de mobilier ancien) in 2004

- François Votat, who comes from a long line of French makers.

- Frick Collection Conservation Lab; (New, York, USA), 

But most important of all what clients have to say,

click here for testimonials.



Model & Cat Chaser

After being abandoned and spending some time in a shelter, Sasha came to L’Atelier and decided to stay. Although she did not have much experience, she was very motivated and demonstrated such natural elegance that Judith decided to give her a chance. She has since been a key player in the workshop, reminding Judith that at one point at the end of the day they had to go home. Nothing goes out of the studio without her approvel!


Influences & Styles:


-Whatever is good to shed on


Not too many, but proved herself on the job


But most important of all what clients have to say:

“the night stands are lovely, but how much for the dog?”

Looking for something special for your home?

Feel free to call or come by, Judith and Sacha would be happy to show you around and explain more about our work!

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