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Introduction to Wood Veneer Parquetry

Learn the time-honored art of traditional wood veneer parquetry with our 10-session course. This course will teach you the skills and techniques needed to create stunning wood veneer parquetry patterns, from simple diamond box to intricate geometric motifs.



What will I learn?

You will be guided through the entire process, from selecting the right veneer materials to cutting and laying them down in a variety of patterns. You'll learn how to use specialized hand tools and techniques to create seamless joints, intricate borders, and other decorative elements that will take your ornementation skills to the next level.

By the end of the course, not only will you have a beautiful and unique entrance mirror to showcase, but also a comprehensive understanding of parquetry techniques and skills to apply to your future woodworking or wall art projects.

Is this for me?

This workshop is designed for all adults, beginners as well as professional woodworkers, who wish to learn  veneer-work through the different traditional technics of parquetry.

Tools and Material

Every participant will be loaned the adequate hand-tools and provided the necessary material. The cost of the material is included in the price.

Additional Information

—The classes are led by a professional woodworker who is both knowledgeable in parquetry techniques and capable of transmitting knowledge. The courses are mainly held in English as the trainer’s Hebrew is limited.

—Classes feature theoretical explanations followed immediately by a practical application.

Practical information

Group:   Maximum of 4 participants

Where:  Afula Illit

Up coming courses:  Starting March 13th 2024

Wednesdays from 9:30-12:30 

Cost:     2800 nis all cost included. Every participant will be loaned the adequate hand tools and provided the necessary material. The cost of the material is included in the price.

A down payment of 300 nis will be asked at registration to secure the spot. The remainder can be paid in two installments (two checks to bring the first day)




Dor Levine

היה מדהים ללמוד מיהודית, מאוד ממליץ לכל מי שמחפש/ת העשרה/להתמקצע בתחום/להתפתח לעולם עולם לא נגמר של יצירה


Nadav Rudnick

הקורס של יהודית מתאים למתחילים וגם לכאלה שכבר העבירו פעם מקצוע על עץ. לא צריך הרבה כלים ומדובר בהנאה צרופה ,גם מורה מעולה וסבלנית וגם יוצרים משהו כיפי. ליותר מנוסים מדובר בעוד נדבך שניתן לשלב בהרבה מאוד מקומות בעבודת העץ וליצור חתימה אישית

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