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Custom Furniture Orders

The Custom Furniture Orders process begins with an email or a phone call so you can describe what you need or have in mind. It is common to be unsure of what you wish for and only know that you want a table or a chest of drawers. We are here to help you understand what you would like, in terms of functionality and esthetics, and design it for you.

If you would like to order one of the items pictured without modification then the process is quite easy and much quicker. If that is not the case, helpful information will be requested for the design of the piece of furniture: overall dimensions, and or dimensions of the space it will occupy, functional requirements, pictures of the room and of other furniture in the room, pictures of things you like; the latter can be pictures of furniture, but also objects, architectural details, pieces of art, anything which has a feel for your tastes are helpful. All this information makes it more likely that the drawing that will be submitted will fit your desire.

Once enough preliminary information has been gathered, a price range will be submitted to you. If this rough estimate is within your budget, an initial drawing will be sent you and used as a point of reference for further discussion as to what you like or dislike. After that, a second and edited drawing will be sent to you with a formal proposal.  At this point any extra drawings are done for 150nis/hour (with this sum being rolled into the purchase price if the item is ordered).

Quote prices can also be based on plans you submit or based on detailed pictures of items you send. 

Work is scheduled chronologically according to when deposit is made. Deposits for individual items are a third of the purchase price with the balance being due upon delivery. For larger projects the initial deposit and payment schedule may vary.

Feel free to contact me for more information.

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