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 L'Atelier, started exclusively as a fine furniture making and restoration studio . However with the strong desire to minimize waste and utilize every piece of precious wood, we introduced a kitchenware and Judaica line that showcases the same dedication to quality and aesthetics as our furniture. These carefully curated collections reflect our unwavering commitment to craftsmanship, design, and eco-consciousness. Each item is  handcrafted from the finest materials, . We invite you to explore our online store and discover a world where functionality meets artistry

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Celebrate Tradition: Embrace the elegance of our artisanal Judaica collection, where every piece, from mezuzah cases to Shabbat candle holders, embodies the timeless spirit of heritage and craftsmanship.


Table & Kitchen Ware

Crafting Culinary Moments: Dive into our Kitchenware selection, featuring finely crafted cheese slicing boards, exquisite coasters, and stylish canisters, all designed to elevate your dining experience with a blend of practicality and aesthetics

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