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Mid-Century Liquor Cabinet

A lot more than what meets the eye was done to this heirloom. But, beyond the work itself, what I love most about this piece, and in restoration in general is the story behind the furniture. As a teenager, my client’s late wife used this cabinet as a desk. The cabinet arrived in my shop cherished and broken. By bringing it back to its former glory I feel I am honoring my client’s late wife and the love he and his family had and have for her. It now stands proudly in her daughter's house.

What was done:
—Lock was changed.
—Missing drop front hinges replaced.
—Oxidized brass key hole and handles were cleaned.
—Reinforced weak joinery between front rails and stiles.
—New veneer placed where it was missing.
—Paper-thin veneer on the drawer fronts, front edges, and drop-down-cabinet door, were replaced.

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