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Solid Maple and Wodd Mosaic Mezuzah Case

Solid Maple and Wodd Mosaic Mezuzah Case


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This one-of-a-kind mezuzah case was handcrafted from reclaimed and salvaged wood from previous furniture builds. Each piece is unique with its own character and charm.

The stylized hand carved shin gives the case an uncluttered personality. The ש represents the name of God and is a symbol of protection and blessing for the home. This mezuzah case is a testament to Atelier’s commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. By using salvaged wood, Judith is able to create a beautiful and meaningful product while reducing waste and minimizing our impact on the environment.

Strong double-sided tape on its back will allow you to secure it easily to your door frame.

May this mezuzah case bring joy and blessings to your home.

Dear valued customer, Thank you for your interest in our wood mosaic mezuzah case . Unfortunately, this one is sold out. Feel free to contact us if you wish to place an order for a similar one.

Hight 19.4 cm that is a little under 8"

Width 3.4 cm

Depth 1.8 cm