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Straw Marquetry Mezuzah Case

Straw Marquetry Mezuzah Case

SKU: JMCS-3-2023

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This unique mezuzah case was handcrafted using high quality birch plywood and colored rye straw from Burgundy France.

The rye straw marquetry elevates this mezuzah case to a unique work of art. Thin strips of carefully selected straw are intricately arranged to create a stunning design, showcasing the straw's  intricate textures. When light plays upon the surface, it exhibits a captivating chatoyance, adding a dynamic visual quality to the piece.

The stylized shin etched represents the name of God and is a symbol of protection and blessing for the home.

The strong double-sided tape on its back will allow you to secure it easily to your door frame.


We hope that this mezuzah case will bring joy and blessings to your home



This item is out of stock. If you wish to have a similar one made to order, please contact us directly.

Hight 19 cm / a little under 8"

Width 3.5 cm

Depth 1.5 cm