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Desert Inspired Mezuzah Case -Maple & Limba Wood

Desert Inspired Mezuzah Case -Maple & Limba Wood

SKU: JMCDL1-6-2023

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Discover our handmade minimalist modern mezuzah case, a simple and elegant fusion of tradition and contemporary design. Meticulously crafted from maple and limba wood, this piece features a hand-carved shin, symbolizing the name of God. The unique grain patterns of the wood evoke the Negev desert landscape, adding a serene and peaceful feeling to your home. May this mezuzah case bring joy and blessings to your, or a friend’s, space.

The strong double-sided tape on its back will allow you to secure it easily to your door frame.

There is only one exactly like this one. However, there are more made the same woods and hand-carved shin.

Suitable Klaf

This mezuzah case is suitable for 10 cm  / 12 cm / 15  cm scrolls that is 4"/ 5" or 6 "  scrolls (scroll is not included to purchase one click here).

Indoors or Outdoors?

Although this mezuzah case received a water-resistant and anti-UV finish, it is best suited for indoors.

Placing the Mezuzah on Doorpost

Two stripes of strong double-sided adhesive on the back of the mezuzah will secure it to the doorpost. Place the mezuzah on a clean and dust-free surface. Peel off the strips from the adhesive, put the scroll inside the mezuzah case, and place it on the doorpost.