Introduction to Wood Veneer Parquetry 

Wood parquetry, often mistaken with wood marquetry, is a traditional furniture ornamentation technique, very much used by French ébénistes to embellish their pieces of furniture.

In this workshop you will learn how

-  to identify different types of veneer, to handle and assemble them.

- to understand what parquetry is as opposed to marquetry

- to excute traditional parquetry designs (assembled elements of veneer in geometrical patterns) such as diamond box, reverse diamond box, checkerboard, sunburst, etc.)  and glue them to the substrate.

As well as learning about the traditional glues such as fish glue and bone and hide glue


This workshop is designed for adults, even beginners, who wish to learn the bases of veneer work through the different technics of parquetry. The maximum number of participants is 6.

Tools and Material

Every participant will be loaned the adequate professional tools and provided the necessary material. The cost of the material is included in the price.

Additional information

- The workshop is led by a professional woodworker who is both knowledgeable in parquetry techniques and capable of transmitting her knowledge. The courses will be mainly held in English as her Hebrew is limited. A lot can be transmitted by just showing, gesture is a universal language.

- The workshop features theoretical explanations followed immediately by practical application

- Training material (in English) will be provided to every participant.


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